What are Greg Ridley character traits?

What are Greg Ridley character traits?

Greg Ridley was a dynamic character who changed from careless, to curious, to caring, after his encounters with Lemon Brown.

Which character trait below best describes Greg’s father in the story?

Which character trait below best describes Greg’s father in the story? Strict.

What are some character traits for Lemon Brown?

External Characteristics He had a heavily wrinkled face with white hair and whiskers. He also had a brittle voice. Lemon Brown had layers of dirty coats that didn’t fit his small frame. His pants bagged at the knee where they met rags that went down to his old shoes.

What is Greg’s developing feelings toward and perspective on his father?

Greg’s final feelings toward and perspective about… His father Greg is angry at his father because his father will not let him play basketball. His thoughts and actions suggest that he disagrees with his father’s perspective and feels that his father doesn’t understand him.

What is Greg’s treasure in the Treasure of Lemon Brown?

Lemon Brown showed Greg newspaper clippings and a harmonica that he treasured because Jess , his son had always carried them around with him when he fought in the war. This meant a lot to Lemon Brown, the fact that his son kept the harmonica and the clippings as a reminder of his father.

What is Greg’s father’s occupation *?

Lemon Brown Quiz

Question Answer
what weapon did Lemon Brown threaten to use on Greg a razor
what was Greg’s dad’s job a postal worker
where did lemon brown hide his treasure tied to his leg
how old were the newspaper clippings 50 years old

What is Greg’s father’s occupation in the Treasure of Lemon Brown?

a postal worker
“His father had been a postal worker for all Greg’s life and was proud of it, often telling Greg how hard he worked to pass the test.”

Who are the characters in The Treasure of Lemon Brown?

Treasure In Lemon Brown’s ‘Thugs’ First off, the characters in the story are, Lemon Brown, Greg Ridley, Greg’s Father, and the “Thugs” which come into play later into the story. The ”main character(s)” in the story are Lemon Brown and Greg Ridley.

What is Greg’s conflict with his father?

At the beginning of the story, Greg is upset with his father because he won’t let him play basketball because of his grades. By the end of the story, Greg attitude has changed and he isn’t upset any more. The story says that Greg thought of the lecture he knew his father would give him, and smiled.

What are character traits in a story?

What are character traits? Well, they’re the parts of a person’s behavior and attitude that make up their personality. Everyone has character traits, both good and bad, even characters in books. Character traits are often shown with descriptive adjectives, like patient, faithful, or jealous.

What are the 7 character traits?

Seven Critical Character Traits

  • Resilience. The “True Grit” mindset; the ability to hang in there, tough it out, persevere and recover from setback.
  • A Sense of Curiosity and Wonder.
  • Social Intelligence.
  • Gratitude.
  • Kindness.
  • Self-control.
  • Optimism.

What is the theme of the treasure of lemon brown?

In the story The Treasure of Lemon Brown written by Walter Dean Myers, the author portrays the theme that sometimes you have to let someone else open your eyes because people get too focused on one thing Values of Life In the story “The Treasure of Lemon Brown”, Greg Ridley meets Lemon Brown (a.k.a. Sugar Lemon Brown).

What important lesson does Greg learn from lemon brown?

During his time with Lemon Brown, Greg learns an important lesson from Lemon Brown’s life that changes his point of view of family. In the beginning, Greg leaves the house, in a furious state, for an abandoned tenement, so that he can get away from his father. He is upset at his father for lecturing him.

What is the relationship between Greg Ridley and lemon brown?

Greg Ridley: after his father lecture, his encounter with Lemon Brown, and the three thieves; Greg is most likely a character who is anxious in these events Lemon Brown: when encountering Greg and the thieves, he was being protective due to them being a threat to his treasure Pg.153-154, line 251-256;”Greg held his breath.

Why did lemon brown attack the thieves?

In page 152 & 154, when the thieves arrived at the apartment, Brown hid Greg and later turn himself in to the thieves that are downstairs, that’s until “Greg saw him hurl his body down the stairs at the men whocome to take his treasure.” (line 282-284) Lemon Brown actually attacked them to defend not only his treasure, but Greg as well.