Is Tidus alive in x2?

Is Tidus alive in x2?

He is also an unlockable character as Star Player, a blitzball player. In Final Fantasy X-2: International + Last Mission (the game’s updated version), Tidus is a playable character for battles. An extra episode, set after the original game’s play-through, reveals that he is living in Besaid with Yuna.

Do Yuna and Tidus end up together?

After the battle, Tidus starts to fade away and Yuna tells him that she loves him. Tidus and Yuna continued their relationship and lived together in Besaid for a while. However, Yuna eventually found Tidus to be “too different” from before and they broke up within a year.

Does Tidus come back to life?

If at the end of her journey Yuna tells the fayth she wants to see Tidus again, he is revived by the fayth. He awakes in the depths of the ocean and swims to the surface, finding himself off the coast of Besaid Island.

Is Tidus a ghost?

Tidus is a creation of the Fayth. Where everyone else in the dream was/is a real person from that time Tidus is completely made up by their imagination. He never actually exists in that he was born in Yuna’s physical world in a physical body.

Is Tidus dead?

This is why both Sin and Tidus disappear in the end when you defeat the Fayth and send them to the afterlife/Farplane for good. So yes Tidus did exist and could communicate with Yuna and everyone. He was more like a spirit given physical form than anything though.

Who is Yuna in love with?

Yuna is the secondary protagonist in Final Fantasy 10 as well as the main protagonist in Final Fantasy 10-2. She is the love interest to Tidus. She is the daughter to Lord Braska, who defeated Sin 10 years ago, bringing the Calm.

What class is Tidus?

Tidus is the main playable character in Final Fantasy X. He is of the classic Warrior class archetype, wielding swords and being strong and agile, but does not have such high Defense. A famed blitzball player, Tidus uses some of the maneuvers he has learned at the sport for his special attacks.

Is Tidus real or a dream?

Is Tidus real or just a dream? He, along with all of Zanarkand, is a dream of the Fayth made real through the massive summoning. He is akin to an aeon. Yes, Yuna and her guardians can really communicate with them (they do throughout the whole game.)

Was Tidus a ghost?

The main character Tidus is not a real human. Rather, he and the other residents of his city are descendants of humans created 1,000 years ago through summoning.

Is Tidus a sin?

Tidus is pulled into the real/Yuna’s world by Auron throwing him into the space/reality hole Sin creates between the dream and reality. He becomes real, but the physical body he gains is a creation of the Fayth. The same way they power Sin they also end up powering Tidus’s existence.

How old is Tidus?

Tidus (ティーダ, Tīda) is a skilled 17-year-old blitzball player from Zanarkand and the main protagonist of Final Fantasy X.

Why is Tidus a dream?

Tidus is told that he, Jecht and the Zanarkand they come from, are dreams of the fayth, ordered into existence after the original Zanarkand was destroyed. The fayth want Tidus to defeat Sin permanently so they can cease their dreaming, but if he succeeds, the dream will end and Tidus himself will disappear.