How old do you have to be to smoke hookah in Virginia?

How old do you have to be to smoke hookah in Virginia?

21 years of age
According to Code of Virginia § 18.2-371.2: “No person less than 21 years of age shall purchase, attempt to purchase or possess any tobacco product, including but not limited to cigarettes, cigars, bidis, rolling papers, nicotine vapor products, and alternative nicotine products.” The exception to this age restriction …

Is hookah legal in Virginia?

(CN) – Hookah bars that serve food in addition to their tobacco wares are subject to Virginia’s indoor-smoking ban, the state Supreme Court ruled. The cafe rents hookahs for use on-site or at home, and it sells food in the same area where customers smoke.

Can you smoke at 18 in Virginia?

Starting July 1, the legal age in Virginia to purchase tobacco-related products will go from 18 to 21. Active duty military personnel will be the only exception. RICHMOND, Va.

Is it illegal for minors to smoke?

It is unlawful to sell or give tobacco products to a minor, and to smoke such tobacco products if the individual is younger than 18 years. It is illegal to sell or give any tobacco product to a minor. It is now illegal for a person below the age of 21 to access cigarettes.

How old is hookah smoking?

The first hookah in the form we know today dates back to 16th century India at a time when Indian glass manufacturing began as a result of the exporting of glass in India through the British East India Company. During this period, smoking tobacco also became popular amongst the noblemen in high society.

How old do you have to be to go to a hookah lounge in FL?

Today, Florida has dozens of hookah lounges where anyone over 18 can join in the hookah smoking. Most are in larger cities like Tampa, Orlando, Miami and Jacksonville or near college campuses.

Can you smoke inside in Virginia?

Effective December 1, 2009, smoking in many public places, including most Virginia restaurants, will be prohibited by the Virginia Indoor Clean Air Act Va. The Act bans lighting or smoking of pipes, cigars, cigarettes, or any other “lighted smoking equipment”, in most Virginia restaurants.

What kind of tobacco is in cigarettes?

Burley tobacco is a light air-cured tobacco used primarily for cigarette production.