How much does tobacco cost society per year?

How much does tobacco cost society per year?

Experts estimate that between 2009 and 2012, the annual societal costs attributable to smoking in the United States were between $289 and $332.5 billion. This includes $132.5 to $175.9 billion for direct medical care of adults and $151 billion for lost productivity due to premature deaths.

What is the cost to society of tobacco use in Australia?

That is up from $31.5 billion in 2004–05. Intangible costs of smoking – including lost quality of life from living with a serious illness – are estimated to be almost $118 billion per year….Smoking costs Australia close to $137 billion.

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How much does tobacco cost the US government?

This includes nearly $170 billion in direct medical care for adults and more than $156 billion in lost productivity due to premature death and exposure to secondhand smoke [2]. To offset some of this cost, state governments collect $25.8 billion each year from tobacco taxes and legal settlements [1].

How much does the average Australian smoker spend on cigarettes?

Analysis by consumer comparison website found that $14 billion is spent on cigarettes across the country annually. Of the 2.8 million regular smokers, found that each spends more than $100 per week on average, for a total average individual cost of $5237 a year.

How much revenue does tobacco generate a year?

In 2020, revenues from tobacco tax in the United States amounted to 12.35 billion U.S. dollars. The forecast predicts a decrease in tobacco tax revenues down to 11.04 billion U.S. dollars in 2026. Total U.S. government revenue in 2020 was 3.42 trillion U.S. dollars.

How does tobacco benefit the economy?

The economic activities generated from the production and consumption of tobacco provides economic stimulus. It also produces huge tax revenues for most governments, especially in high-income countries, as well as employment in the tobacco industry.