How much do waiters and waitresses get paid?

How much do waiters and waitresses get paid?

Waiters and Waitresses made a median salary of $22,890 in 2019. The best-paid 25 percent made $29,620 that year, while the lowest-paid 25 percent made $18,950.

What is a waitress hourly pay?

Minimum Wages for Tipped Employees

Jurisdiction Basic Combined Cash & Tip Minimum Wage Rate Minimum Cash Wage 1
FEDERAL: Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) $5.15 $2.13
Minimum rate same for tipped and non-tipped employees
Alaska $7.15

What waitress makes most money?

Luckily, there are some specific restaurants that servers have revealed to have the best tip earnings on top of an hourly wage.

  • Olive Garden Restaurant.
  • Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill & Bar.
  • The Cheesecake Factory.
  • Red Lobster.
  • TGI Friday’s.
  • Local and family-owned restaurants.
  • Steakhouses and fine-dining restaurants.

Do waiters make good money?

Although California employs the most waitresses, it does not rank in the top five for best paying states. However, waiters and waitresses in the metropolitan area of Salinas, California, can average $3,093/month and those in the San Francisco region have a mean wage of $3,008.

How much do 15 year olds get paid?

How much should I be paid? An employer must pay you at least the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour for all the hours that you work, except under certain circumstances.

What is the minimum award wage?

As of 1 July 2021 the National Minimum Wage is $20.33 per hour or $772.60 per week. Employees covered by an award or registered agreement are entitled to the minimum pay rates, including penalty rates and allowances in their award or agreement.

How much do Disney servers make?

The typical Disney Parks Server salary is $6 per hour. Server salaries at Disney Parks can range from $5 – $10 per hour.

Why do waitresses get paid so little?

The reason that the server minimum wage is so low is simple: servers make tips. At the end of each shift, servers are required to report how much money they earned during the course of their shift. Thus, the server minimum wage is a base rate, but the server generally makes much more than the minimum wage.

Do waiters live off tips?

Servers Depend Heavily on Tips Waiters and bartenders earn more in tips than they do from what employers pay them as an hourly base wage. The median share of hourly earnings that come from tips account for 58.5 percent of wait staff’s earnings, and 54 percent of bartenders’ earnings.

How much does a 17 year old make at McDonald’s?

Student salaries at McDonald’s can range from $13 – $42 per hour. This estimate is based upon 57 McDonald’s Student salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods.

How much do 15 year olds get paid at mcdonalds?

A 15 year old would make $7.25 per hour. McDonald’s USA, LLC, Hires no one under the age of 16.

What is the new minimum wage for 2021?

$20.33 per hour
The National Minimum Wage applies to employees not covered by an award or registered agreement. This is the minimum pay rate provided by the Fair Work Act 2009 and is reviewed each year. As of 1 July 2021 the National Minimum Wage is $20.33 per hour or $772.60 per week.

How much does a waiters & waitresses make?

The average yearly wage for Waiters & waitresses was $18,359 in 2016. The top 3 most similar occupations to Waiters & waitresses by wage are Food servers, nonrestaurant, School bus monitors, and Library technicians.

What race are waiters and waitresses?

57.4% of Waiters & waitresses are White (Non-Hispanic), making that the most common race or ethnicity in the occupation. Representing 14.4% of Waiters & waitresses, White (Hispanic) is the second most common race or ethnicity in this occupation. This chart shows the racial and ethnic breakdown of Waiters & waitresses.

What are the most common industries that employ waiters and waitresses?

The most common industries employing Waiters & waitresses, by number of employees, are Restaurants & Food Services, Traveler accommodation, and Amusement & Recreation.

Where do waiters make the most money in Hawaii?

Best-Paying Cities for Waiters and Waitresses. The metropolitan areas that pay the highest salary in the waiter and waitress profession are Kahului, Mount Vernon, Urban Honolulu, Napa, and Seattle. Kahului, Hawaii. $48,940.