How many wild pitches did Greg Maddux throw?

How many wild pitches did Greg Maddux throw?

Maddux is the only pitcher in MLB history to win at least 15 games for 17 straight seasons. In addition, he holds the record for most Gold Gloves with 18, and most putouts by a pitcher with 546, including a tied live-ball-era record of 39 putouts in a season (1990, 1991, 1993)….

Greg Maddux
Strikeouts 3,371

How many 3 1 counts did Greg Maddux have?

BaseballHistoryNut on Twitter: “Greg Maddux faced 20,421 batters during his illustrious career. Only 133 saw a 3-0 count” / Twitter.

How many games did Greg Maddux pitch?

In his fifth complete game, Maddux’s 78 total pitches were the fewest in a nine-inning game since Bob Tewksbury’s 76-pitch performance for St. Louis against Cincinnati on Aug. 29, 1990. Of Maddux’s 78 pitches, just 15 were balls.

How many Maddux’s did Maddux throw?

Maddux (statistic)

Team Number Pitches Thrown
Boston Red Sox 10 98
Chicago Cubs 13 81
Chicago White Sox 8 88
Cincinnati Reds 11 91

Did Greg Maddux ever throw a no hitter?

Greg Maddux He liked to let batters dig their own graves, encouraging them to swing early and hit the ball to his fielders. So, on the one hand, it’s not much of a surprise that he never threw a no-hitter.

How many intentional walks did Greg Maddux throw?

“Greg Maddux faced 20,421 batters during his career and only issued 293 four-pitch walks. 153 were intentional.”

Was Greg Maddux a great pitcher?

Maddux is the only pitcher to record more than 300 wins, 3,000 strikeouts and fewer than 1,000 walks. He was the first pitcher in history to win four consecutive Cy Young Awards (1992 to 1995) and is the only one to win at least 15 games in 17 straight seasons. No one thought the game better than Maddux.

Did Greg Maddux throw a no hitter?

What is a Greg Maddux rookie card worth?

Greg Maddux Rookie Cards

Item Title ▼ Price
Greg Maddux Rookie Card 1987 Donruss #36 $13.00
Greg Maddux Rookie Card 1987 Donruss #36 BGS 8 (7.5 9.5 9.5 8.5) $20.00
Greg Maddux Rookie Card 1987 Donruss #36 BGS 9 (9.5 8.5 9 9) HOF Cubs Braves $49.95
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What pitcher has thrown the most pitches in a game?

On June 25, 2010, Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Edwin Jackson threw 149 pitches in a no-hitter. This was the highest pitch count in an MLB game since 2005.

Who has the fewest pitches in a complete game?

Charles Henry “Red” Barrett (February 14, 1915 – July 28, 1990) was a Major League Baseball pitcher who played 11 total career seasons in the National League. He played for the Cincinnati Reds, Boston Braves and St. Louis Cardinals. He pitched the shortest complete game by fewest pitches (58) in history.

Was Greg Maddux left handed?

For years, Tom Glavine was one of the three aces of the Atlanta Braves pitching staff along with John Smoltz and Greg Maddux. He was the one lefty at the top of the Braves rotation.

What teams did Greg Maddux pitch for in his career?

Except for the Phillies, for whom he played during the first four seasons of his career, he never played more than two seasons for any team. Maddux has served as pitching coach for the Milwaukee Brewers, Texas Rangers, Washington Nationals, and Cardinals. Teams that hired him subsequently allowed fewer runs to score.

What is Michael Maddux doing now?

Michael Ausley Maddux (born August 27, 1961) is an American pitching coach and former professional baseball pitcher who played for nine teams over 15 seasons in Major League Baseball (MLB). He is now the pitching coach for the St. Louis Cardinals.

What happened to Greg Maddux after the Padres?

After the 1992 season, the Padres traded Maddux to the New York Mets for Roger Mason and Mike Freitas. He signed a two-year contract with the Mets, worth $2.375 million. Granted free agency after the 1994 season, Maddux signed with the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Pirates released him on May 16.

Why did the Texas Rangers hire Greg Maddux?

The Texas Rangers hired Maddux as their pitching coach prior to the 2009 season. Maddux later recounted one of his first conversations with then-president and former Rangers pitcher Nolan Ryan. Ryan commented that he wanted to change the culture and perception that pitching for the Rangers was extremely difficult.