How many series of Wycliffe were there?

How many series of Wycliffe were there?

five series
Wycliffe ran for five series from 24 July 1994 to 5 July 1998, and included a pilot episode (originally shown on 7 August 1993) and a Christmas special shown between the fourth and fifth series.

Did Petrocelli ever finish his house?

Petrocelli never did finish building his house – the series was cancelled in America before he could do so! “Petrocelli” was being shown on TV Land for a while and I was taping every episode, then they stopped.

How many episodes of Wycliffe were made?

Wycliffe/Number of episodes

Why was banacek canceled?

Cancellation. Banacek was well received by television critics, and as a result was picked up for a third season. However, before the third season could start, Peppard quit the show to prevent his ex-wife Elizabeth Ashley from receiving a larger percentage of his earnings as part of their divorce settlement.

Is Helen Masters married?

John McRoberts
Helen Masters/Spouse

Where is Helen Masters now?

Masters lives in London and is married to John McRoberts with whom she has two children.

How old is Petrocelli?

Petrocelli is an American legal drama that ran for two seasons on NBC from September 11, 1974 to March 31, 1976.

Who was Sandra Petrocelli?

Sandra Petrocelli is the prosecutor in King and Steve’s felony murder trial.

What happened to the actor George Peppard?

George Peppard died at age 65 of pneumonia on May 8, 1994 in Los Angeles, California. He is buried alongside his parents in Northview Cemetery in Dearborn, Michigan.

Who was George Peppard married to?

Laura Taylorm. 1992–1994
Alexis Adamsm. 1984–1986Sherry Boucherm. 1975–1979Elizabeth Ashleym. 1966–1972Helen Daviesm. 1954–1964
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What is actress Helen Masters doing now?

Helen Masters – Detective Inspector Lucy Lane Helen also appeared in many theatre productions in her later career and has had parts in other TV shows such as Doctors in 2011. Today, Helen lives in London with her two children.

Why was Wycliffe on sick leave?

Wycliffe was a police drama, based on the series of novels W.J. During the filming of the final series, Jimmy Yuill (who played Wycliffe’s sidekick DI Doug Kersey) fell ill, and though he made a full recovery, the producers refused to allow him to return to the programme for insurance reasons.