How does Odysseus defeat the suitors?

How does Odysseus defeat the suitors?

Under his disguise given to him by Athena, Odysseus is able to fool the suitors. Penelope announces a contest: whosoever is able to string Odysseus’ bow and then shoot an arrow through the rings of twelve axes standing in a row will win her hand in marriage. All the suitors fail and finally Odysseus is able to.

What is Odysseus plan?

Odysseus’s plan is to make a stake from a six foot section of an olive tree. The men will hew (hack) the wood so it has a pointed end and toughen it in the fire. When the Cyclops falls asleep, Odysseus and his men will ram the stake into the Cyclops’s one eye.

Who helps Odysseus fight against the suitors?

Odyssey Characters

Eumaeus A loyal servant of Odysseus, who helps him fight the suitors with Philoetius
Eurycleia An old woman servant , a devoted nurse to both Odysseus and Telemachus in their youth
Eurymachus A suitor who is an evil coward. He tries to blame Antiniousfor all of the suitors actions. He is killed 2nd.

Who does Odysseus defeat in the Odyssey?

Just as Odysseus taunts the blinded Polyphemus in book 9 by boasting about his defeat of the Cyclops, the members of his crew prove unable to resist looking into Aeolus’s bag, and their greed ends up complicating their nostos, or homeward voyage.

Should Odysseus have killed the suitors?

In addition to having the justification in order to kill the suitors he also was justified to kill the maids. All they did was aide the suitors. They made no effort to get the suitors out of the house. This is why Odysseus was justified to kill them.

Who helps Odysseus fight suitors?

Who killed the suitors in the Odyssey?

Leodes pleads that he was only the suitors’ priest, but Odysseus knows that he was the first to try to string the bow and win Penelope. Odysseus decapitates him with one swipe, the head softly bouncing in the dust.

Why did her plan fail on Odysseus?

What assistance does King Aeolus’ give Odysseus and why isn’t it successful? An unfavorable bag of winds. It isn’t successful because Odysseus’ men opened it thinking it was a bag of silver and gold, and get pushed back the the Aeolus’ Island.

Why does Odysseus feel justified in killing the suitors?

All they did was aide the suitors. They fed them to no end and this is not what their master would want them do to. They made no effort to get the suitors out of the house. This is why Odysseus was justified to kill them.

Why was Odysseus mad at the suitors?

Odysseus wants revenge on the suitors. They have wasted a lot of his wealth, by living at his expense during his absence. More importantly, by taking advantage of his absence, the suitors have insulted Odysseus and damaged his reputation.

How does Odysseus defeat his enemies?

Odysseus rips through Eurymachus’ chest and liver with an arrow. Amphinomus attacks and is killed by Telemachus. Odysseus kills the enemy’s most aggressive leader, Antinous, before any of the suitors realize that the king has returned or that they are in danger.

What does Odysseus do to protect himself from the suitors?

Odysseus, in disguise, will follow. No matter how poorly the suitors may treat the old beggar, Odysseus and Telemachus are to bide their time and refrain from striking back until the moment is right. At a signal, the prince is to gather all the weapons and place them in the storeroom. If challenged, he can say that he does this to protect the gear.

What instructions does Odysseus give Telemachus to hide the weapons?

Odysseus also instructs Telemachus to tell no one, not even Penelope, that Odysseus has returned. Odysseus plans to remain disguised as a beggar to the suitors until the right moment. He incites Telemachus to hide the weapons in a storage facility. He also encourages Telemachus to get enraged by the suitors treatment of Odysseus as a beggar.

How does the goddess Athena help Odysseus reclaim his home?

Thankfully, the goddess Athena helps Odysseus reclaim his home by coming up with a plan to kill the suitors, which mostly involves Odysseus becoming enraged enough to defeat the foul suitors. The motives behind Odysseus’s will to kill the suitors is understandable.

How does antantinous behave disrespectfully in Odysseus’s home?

Antinous behaves arrogantly in Odysseus’ home when Odysseus is disguised as a beggar; not only did he disrespect Odysseus by not showing any hospitality, but he also threw a stool at him. The son of Polybus, he is the second among the suitors to appear in the epic poem. He acted as the leader among them due to his charisma.