How do you say the days of week?

How do you say the days of week?

How to say days of the week, months and dates in English?

  1. ⦿ Monday – /’mun.dei/
  2. ⦿ Tuesday – /’tiu:z.dei/
  3. ⦿ Wednesday – /’wenz.dei/
  4. ⦿ Thursday – /’thurz.dei/
  5. ⦿ Friday – /’frai.dei/
  6. ⦿ Saturday – /’sa.ta.dei/
  7. ⦿ Sunday – /’sun.dei/
  8. – I work from Monday to Friday. I’m free on Saturday and Sunday.

What is the difference between week and weak?

Is it a week or a weak? ‘Week’ is a noun, a person, place, or thing, because it describes a period of time. ‘Weak’ is an adjective, or describing word, because it describes someone or something as not strong.

Which pronunciation of either is correct?

Using English phonetics, [ EE-ther ] and [ AHY-ther ] are both correct.

How do you write the week?

When you need to refer to a specific week, you can pick a day that falls during that week, and call it “the week of (that date)”: I think we’re coming the week of June 4th. Usually you use the first day of the week (Monday) as the date in this expression.

How do you abbreviate days of the week?

Abbreviations of Days of the Week

  1. Sunday – Sun.
  2. Monday – Mon.
  3. Tuesday – Tu., Tue., or Tues.
  4. Wednesday – Wed.
  5. Thursday – Th., Thu., Thur., or Thurs.
  6. Friday – Fri.
  7. Saturday – Sat.

How is Tuesday pronounced?

In other words, the British pronounce “Tuesday” as TYOOZday ( tj u:zdeɪ) or CHOOZday (tʃu:zdeɪ), while the Americans opt for TOOZday (tu:zdeɪ). …

What is the sentence of week?

[M] [T] He has been sick for a week. [M] [T] We were very busy last week. [M] [T] My wife had a baby last week. [M] [T] She writes to him every week.

How do you spell every day of the week?

The days of the week are all 7 days from Monday to Sunday. But weekdays are only the 5 days from Monday to Friday. And the weekend is Saturday and Sunday….Days of the Week.

days of the week (7 days)
weekdays (5 days)
day of the week Monday
abbreviation Mon.

What is the definition of week in English?

Definition of week 1a : any of a series of 7-day cycles used in various calendars especially : a 7-day cycle beginning on Sunday and ending on Saturday 2a : any seven consecutive days b : a series of regular working, business, or school days during each 7-day period

What is the meaning of pronunciation in English?

English Language Learners Definition of pronunciation. : the way in which a word or name is pronounced. : a particular person’s way of pronouncing a word or the words of a language. See the full definition for pronunciation in the English Language Learners Dictionary.

What is the meaning of weeklong?

Definition of weeklong : lasting a week Examples of weeklong in a Sentence We attended a weeklong training conference in Atlanta.

What is the end of the Week called?

week·​end | \\ ˈwēk-ˌend \\. (Entry 1 of 3) : the end of the week : the period between the close of one work or school week and the start of the next especially : Saturday and Sunday.