How do you remove a VZ glove box?

How do you remove a VZ glove box?

Open the glovebox and remove the two travel limiting lugs (11. fnis is done by carefully raising the rubbertabs on the’limiting lugs and pulling them rearwards’ Once pulled reanrrards, gently pull the rubber tabs towards ihe center of the glovebox. To release the glovebox, pull glovebox towards the rear of the vehicle.

How do you open a broken glove box?

Use a drill to make a hole 1/8 of an inch (225 mm) from the right hand side of the glove compartment and about 10 to 11 mm from the top edge where the face of the glove compartment begins. Push a metal coat hanger through the hole to try and snag the release.

What is behind the glove compartment?

A vehicle’s computer is sometimes located behind a glove compartment. Depending on the make and model, a computer also goes by the names electronic control unit, electronic control module or powertrain control module. No matter the name, this hardware is the center of a vehicle’s On-Board Diagnostic system.

How do I get rid of dashboard?

  1. Wedge your fingers behind the lower section of the trim and firmly pull upwards as shown by the red arrows.
  2. With the bottom clips released use a gentle hinging and pulling motion to release the top clips on both sides of the steering wheel.
  3. Be careful releasing the clips as the trim will drop downwards.

Where is Fiat Punto pollen filter?

Cabin air filter on Fiat Punto is located under the glovebox (see in picture). To replace this filter you need to remove the plastic cover. To do this just unscrew the framed screw.

How do you open a glove box without a key?

The best options to open a glove box without a key are:

  1. Try using the ignition key or wiggling another key in the glove box.
  2. Pick the lock yourself with a similar key or a paper clip.
  3. Remove the hinge on the bottom side of the glove box.
  4. Cut the bottom of the glove box open.
  5. Have a locksmith re-key the lock.