How do you call a guest on Dias?

How do you call a guest on Dias?

 May I Invite the chief guest Mr./Ms./Dr./Prof __________________ on to the dais/stage/platform.  The next distinguished to honour us with his/her presence is. Mr./Ms./Dr./Prof__________  I am glad to invite Mr./Ms./Dr./Prof _______________________ on to the dais/stage/platform.

How do you invite people to Dias?

Expressions to invite the Guests on to the stage:

  1. I consider it a great honor to welcome Mr./Ms/Sri/Smt/Dr./Prof _______________ on to the stage.
  2. May I Invite the chief guest Mr./Ms/Sir/Smt/Dr./Prof __________________ on to the stage.
  3. The next dignitary to honor us with his/her presence is.

How do you welcome someone on stage?

The work of a good introduction is to raise the speaker to celebrity status for the purposes of that occasion. Always end with an applause line for the speaker — “so please join me in welcoming Jane Doe!” — to allow her time to get up on the stage and ready to go.

How do you honor the chief guest?

Always address the chief guest with a formal title. If someone is a doctorate, do not forget to use the formal title of Dr or in other cases, use Mr./ Miss/ Mrs. Introduce yourself to the chief guest before the formal event and escort him to the venue.

How do you welcome chief guest in speech?

Address the chief guest with a formal salutation, such as Dr./ Mr./ Mrs./ Ms. etc. Reserach on the achievements and current work on the guest before and include it in the speech. At last, the host must bid a thank you to the guest and appreciate their presence on the event.

How do you welcome a participant in a webinar?

But a strong webinar welcome speech can save the day….5 things you need to hit during your welcome speech [Template included]

  1. Start with a greeting and thank attendees for their time.
  2. Touch on the topic.
  3. Handle housekeeping thoroughly but briefly.
  4. Introduce your speakers.
  5. Reiterate the value of the event and get started.

What to say when welcoming guests?

Here are the five hospitality expressions that matter to our guests.

  1. “It’s My Pleasure…” / “I Am Happy To…”
  2. “Thank You…” / “We Appreciate…”
  3. “Welcome…”
  4. “Is There Anything Else…”
  5. “We’re Looking Forward To Having You Again As Our Guest”

How do you write a welcome address to a chief guest?

How do you acknowledge meeting participants?


  1. Well, since everyone is here, we should get started.
  2. Hello, everyone. Thank you for coming today.
  3. I think we’ll begin now. First I’d like to welcome you all.
  4. Thank you all for coming at such short notice.
  5. I really appreciate you all for attending today.
  6. We have a lot to cover today, so we really should begin.