How do I cancel a hold in destiny?

How do I cancel a hold in destiny?

From the Destiny Discover header, select My Stuff > Holds to see all of your resources on hold. next to a title to: Open and/or check out a Follett eBook that is ready. Remove a hold that is not ready.

How do I UnHold something on Destiny Discover?

From Title Preview or a title’s details, click UnHold.

How do you UnHold a book?

How to remove a hold

  1. In your library’s digital collection, click or tap. , then select Holds. You’ll need to be signed into your library to get to this page.
  2. Select Remove under the title you no longer want.

How do I remove a hold on Sora?

To unfreeze a hold:

  1. Go to .
  2. Select Holds.
  3. Select Options.
  4. Select Edit hold.
  5. Select Frozen for… next to “Hold state.”
  6. Select Active, then select Save changes.

How do I cancel a hold on Sora?

Once a copy of the book gets returned, it’ll become available for the first person on the wait list. > Holds. From there, you can see your estimated wait time, or select Options to edit or cancel the hold. You’ll get a notification in Sora when a hold is available for you to borrow.

How do you check today’s checkouts in destiny?

Step 1: Open the Reports tab and then the Library Reports sub-tab. Step 2: Click Current Checkout/Fines under the Circulation category. Step 3: Check Checked Out/Overdue Materials then select All that are checked out.

How do you allow students to place holds in destiny?

From the search results, the students identify a book they want to place on hold and click on the Hold button. 1. While in the Destiny Classic view, students can check their holds by clicking on the My Info tab.

How do students put books on hold in destiny?

Step 1: ​Log in to Destiny Discover either on your mobile device (use the app) or on any library computer/iPad (​​). Step 3: ​As long as the library has active copies of the title, there should be a red “Hold” button you click on to place this book on hold.

How do I cancel hold library?

1) Under My Account select the Holds tab. 2) Check the checkbox(es) next to the book(s) you wish to cancel. 3) Select the Cancel Hold(s) button, then select Yes.

What does hold mean Sora?

If all copies of a book are checked out, you’ll need to place a hold. This will put you on a wait list. Once a copy of the book gets returned, it’ll become available for the first person on the wait list.

How do I find out how old my destiny collection is?

Select Reports > Library Reports. Under Statistics, select Collection Statistics – Summary….To access the report:

  1. Circulation Gives an overall look at your collection statistics using a Dewey range.
  2. Age Gives an overall age of your collection by Dewey range for copies that have dates within their record.