How can you tell John and Edward apart?

How can you tell John and Edward apart?

If you need a bit of extra help, however, the twins also gave a few pointers for separating them:

  1. Edward has a scar on top of his lip, while John has a scar on his nose.
  2. John has a pointer ear on his right hand side.
  3. Edward has straighter teeth.
  4. Edward is fractionally taller.

How old are the Jedward twins?

These twins, who went by the stage name Jedward, came sixth overall in the singing competition. Now, fast forward 12 years, and everyone can’t help but wonder what happened to Jedward and what they are doing now they are 29-years-old in 2021.

Are Jedward asexual?

Are Jedward asexual? Jedward open up about their sexuality, and reveal why they’ve kept their relationships out of the spotlight. The twins, real names John and Edward Grimes, insist they are both straight.

Which ones John and which ones Edward?

Jedward are a performing duo made up of twins Edward and John Grimes, born in Dublin on October 16, 1991. The 27-year-olds are nearly identical in appearance, but John is one inch taller than Edward and has a scar above his left eyebrow and nose.

Is Jedward autistic?

Nappy-loving Celebrity Big Brother stars Jedward are not ‘gay’ or ‘autistic’, their manager has insisted. The twins were defended by tour manager Liam McKenna as they took the Channel 5 reality show to an infantile low on Monday, lapping up their punishment of being dressed as babies.

Are Edward and Sabina still together 2018?

Edward from Jedward has confirmed that he has a girlfriend and is not single anymore. The two Jedwards went on the show looking for love and, as it turns out, one of them actually found it. According to Edward, since the show, he and Sabina have been “on good terms.”

Is Edward married to John?

Both John and Edward have confirmed they are now single and looking for love.

Is Edward from Jedward still with Sabina?