How big is Beacon Falls Connecticut?

How big is Beacon Falls Connecticut?

9.9 mi²Beacon Falls / Area

Are there falls in Beacon Falls Ct?

Spruce Brook Ravine (aka High Rock Park) is arguably one of the most scenic hiking trails and series of waterfalls in Connecticut – located in Beacon Falls, CT. Whether in spring, fall, or the dead of winter, Spruce Brook Ravine should be on everyone’s list of Connecticut waterfall must-sees.

Whats in Beacon Falls Ct?

Top Five Attractions:

  • Pent Road Recreation Complex.
  • Matthies Park.
  • Toby’s Pond.
  • Naugatuck River.
  • Lantern Ridge.

What county is Beacon Falls Ct in?

New Haven CountyBeacon Falls / CountyNew Haven County is a county in the south central part of the U.S. state of Connecticut. As of the 2020 census, the population was 864,835, making it the third-most populous county in Connecticut. Two of the state’s largest cities, New Haven and Waterbury, are part of New Haven County. Wikipedia

Is Beacon Falls CT a good place to live?

Beacon Falls is a pretty good place to live and have a home, all in all. The police in this small town are very responsive to the little crime we have. Most of our crime consists of running red lights and coasting through a stop sign.

What county is New Haven Connecticut in?

New Haven CountyNew Haven / County

How many waterfalls are in Connecticut?

This list was created after having personally visited over 75 different waterfalls in Connecticut as the New England Waterfalls guidebook was written. THE GUIDEBOOK TO GET YOU THERE: EXPLORE MORE OF NEW ENGLAND!

What is in Bethany CT?

Top Five Attractions:

  • Clover Nook Farm.
  • Veterans Memorial Park.
  • West Rock Ridge State Park.
  • Whitlock’s Book Barn.
  • Woodhaven Country Club.

What is the zip code for Beacon Falls Connecticut?

06403Beacon Falls / Zip code

What county is Fairfield CT?

Fairfield CountyFairfield / County

Is New Haven poor?

The poverty rate in New Haven is 25.6%. One out of every 3.9 residents of New Haven lives in poverty. How many people in New Haven, Connecticut live in poverty? 31,338 of 122,320 New Haven residents reported income levels below the poverty line in the last year.

Where is the biggest waterfall in CT?

Roaring Brook Park offers all of those features, including Connecticut’s tallest waterfall. At 80 feet tall, Roaring Brook Falls is one of the most beautiful rushing waterfalls on the east coast, and the park it’s within is just as sweet to explore.

What county is Beacon Falls CT in?

Beacon Falls is a town in New Haven County, Connecticut. It lies in the southwestern part of the state, and is bisected by the Naugatuck River. The population was 5,246 at the 2000 census. The population increased to 6,049 at the 2010 census.

How did Beacon Falls get its name?

The town was named for Beacon Hill, from which a small waterfall descended. The history of Beacon Falls is tied to the series of manufacturing concerns that operated in the town’s impressive brick factory buildings on North Main Street, adjacent to the Naugatuck River.

What is it like to live in Beacon Falls?

Town of Beacon Falls. Beacon Falls is a small community with just over 6,000 residents located on the Naugatuck River. It’s a great place to go canoeing, kayaking and fishing. Beacon Falls is a small community of just over 6,000 residents located on the Naugatuck River in the middle of the Naugatuck Valley.

When was the Beacon Falls Bridge built?

Built in 1935 of riveted steel, it was designed by engineers from the Public Works Administration and the Connecticut Highway Department. The bridge joins the two parts of Beacon Falls bisected by the river.