Does Chloe get with Davis?

Does Chloe get with Davis?

They are eventually brought back together when Davis’ blackouts worsened and he requested Chloe’s help to look into his past. She happily agreed, although this led her to be attacked by Faora, who was in search of her son.

Does Chloe ever kiss Clark?

Faced with the thought that he could have lost her forever, Clark got up the nerve to ask Chloe to the Spring Formal and they shared a dance and a kiss.

Who did Chloe lose her virginity to?

Chloe regretted having lost her virginity to Jimmy, holding that it was not as special because it was a whirlwind rebound romance (Unsafe), and she realized she still had feelings for Clark (Heat).

Why do Jimmy and Chloe break up?

One of their major breakups was due to the fact that Jimmy had no kind feelings towards meteor freaks after being hurt by them and this prevents Chloe from opening up to him about her special abilities.

Did Chloe and Jimmy get married?

Introduced in season 6, Jimmy was a photographer at the Daily Planet who became romantically involved with Clark’s closest ally, Chloe (Allison Mack). The couple married in season 8.

Does Chloe ever remember Clark’s secret?

With the help of the Legion of Super-Heroes from the future, Clark extracted Brainiac from Chloe. She was fully-recovered with most of her prior memories, including knowledge of Clark’s secret, intact. However, Chloe had indicated that she does not clearly remember the time period leading up to the wedding.

Why did Chloe break up with Jimmy?

Who does Oliver Queen end up with in Smallville?

Hartley was upped to series regular in Smallville season 8, and remained a member of the main cast until the end of the series. Oliver ultimately married Chloe Sullivan (Allison Mack) in season 10 and together the two watched Clark – suited up as Superman – stop Darkseid from destroying the planet.