Does a dealer have to disclose frame damage?

Does a dealer have to disclose frame damage?

Undisclosed Frame Damage Could Be Grounds for a Fraud Charge There is no requirement to disclose accidents or problems he knows about unless asked about it by you. If you purchase a used car and later discover that it has frame damage that you were not told about, you may have a case against the dealer for fraud.

What does it mean when a car says Frame damage reported?

The term “Frame Damage” is used whenever the integrity of your frame has been compromised by either an accident or 3rd party alteration. When there is frame damage reported, this means there may be damage to parts of the vehicle that provide structural support.

Is it OK to buy a car with frame damage?

In short, unless you have a ton of money to blow on preserving a one-off edition of some sports or luxury car from the 1960s, it’s generally good practice to avoid buying a car with structural damage. Frame damage can be fixable but would likely costs a fortune, and generally isn’t worth the money.

Is a car dealership responsible for damage?

A dealer or repairer may be liable for loss or damage while the vehicle is in the dealer’s or repairer’s, or a sublet repairer’s custody waiting for repairs under warranty.

Does frame damage affect car value?

In general, frame damage to your vehicle will reduce its value by 30% on average assuming a quality body shop made the repairs in the correct way.

Does a car dealer have to disclose an accident in California?

In addition to being prohibited from lying when answering questions about prior accident damage, under California law car dealerships have an obligation to disclose to potential purchasers any known material facts regarding the vehicles they sell.

Is a car Totalled if there is frame damage?

The determination that an automobile has endured frame damage is an unpleasant surprise to say the least. If this determination is made by your insurance company or automotive technician, you might assume your vehicle is totaled. However, frame damage does not guarantee the vehicle is considered a total loss.

Can a dealer sell you a car with frame damage?

It’s illegal for a dealership to sell you a car with structural damage if they do not disclose this information prior to the sale. Car structure damage occurs when the vehicle was in a severe accident that bent, broke, or compressed the frame.

Where do I file a complaint against a car dealership?

Car Complaints

  1. Deceptive car ads or dealers — File a complaint with your state consumer protection agency and the Federal Trade Commission.
  2. Auto repair shops — File a complaint with your state consumer protection agency.

What happens if a garage damages your car?

A garage has a legal duty to take care of your car while it is in their possession. If the car is damaged due to staff negligence, the garage will be responsible for carrying out the repairs at no cost to yourself or compensating you for having the repairs done elsewhere.

Does insurance fix frame damage?

Your insurance policy might compensate you for the lower resell value of your car. However, the policy must clearly state your insurance company is on the financial hook to compensate you for the bent car frame repair cost.

Does insurance cover frame damage?

Frame Damage Depreciation Insurance companies are supposed to pay to fix your car when it’s damaged in an accident. Frame damage, however, may get missed during the repair process, or the repair may not appear on the work order afterwards due to insurance company procedures.

What happens if the frame of a car is damaged?

Structural damage such as this can put occupants at risk as the frame is what protects them from injury in a crash. A damaged frame can also lead to a weakening of other parts of the car which could mean more problems down the road. Because a car’s frame is hidden from view, it’s not always easy to spot frame damage.

What kind of damage can a car dealer hide from buyers?

One type of damage that a dealer may try to hide from buyers is frame damage. Frame damage occurs when a vehicle is involved in an accident and is hit at a crucial part of its structure, causing bending, shifting, or cracking of the frame.

How do I know if a dealer is covering up frame damage?

Some indications that a dealer is attempting to cover up frame damage include the following: Clamp marks—holes or gashes on the frame—indicating that a straightening machine was used to repair a damaged car Unusual engine noise, as a major accident can affect the engine

What happens if a car dealer fails to disclose problems?

When a dealer fails to disclose known problems with a vehicle, he is committing fraud and you may be able to take legal action. One type of damage that a dealer may try to hide from buyers is frame damage.