Did Bon Scott write any songs?

Did Bon Scott write any songs?

Bon wrote songs about his life. Metaphors for sexual organs and endless variations on the word “rock” just didn’t cut it for him lyrically. This is why thinking AC/DC fans love Bon so much. Those songs he wrote for the band are great pieces of writing, full of wit, cleverness, pathos and humanity.

Did Amy Winehouse write her own songs?

Winehouse bought her first guitar when she was 14 and began writing her own songs. “I really started writing music to challenge myself, to see what I could write.”

Did Led Zeppelin make back in black?

Critical reception. Reviewing for Rolling Stone in 1980, David Fricke regarded Back in Black as “not only the best of AC/DC’s six American albums” but “the apex of heavy-metal art: the first LP since Led Zeppelin II that captures all the blood, sweat and arrogance of the genre.”

Did Bon Scott ever sing back in black?

AC/DC’s Back in Black saw the transition of the group from Bon Scott to Brian Johnson on vocals, but though he didn’t live to record the record, Scott did hear some of what would eventually end up on the album. We were in London in a rehearsal room, and Bon had come down, too.

Who wrote lyrics to Back In Black?

Brian Johnson
Angus YoungMalcolm Young
Back In Black (Live at River Plate 2009)/Composers

Who wrote Valerie sung by Amy Winehouse?

Mark RonsonValerie / Artist

Who wrote the song Rehab?

Amy WinehouseRehab / Artist

Who wrote back in black riff?

Bon Scott
It is notable for its opening guitar riff. The song was written as a tribute to their former singer Bon Scott, who died in February 1980. In 1981, it reached number 37 on the Billboard Hot 100….Back in Black (song)

“Back in Black”
Genre Hard rock
Length 4:15
Label Atlantic
Songwriter(s) Brian Johnson Angus Young Malcolm Young

Who Wrote You Shook Me All Night Long?

You Shook Me All Night Long/Composers

Who wrote lyrics to back in black?

Who wrote ACDC riffs?

Malcolm Young, Whose Guitar Riffs Helped Propel AC/DC to Fame, Dies at 64. Malcolm Young, the guitarist and songwriter who helped found the Australian rock band AC/DC, died on Saturday. He was 64.

Who sings the song back to black?

“Back to Black” is a song by English singer and songwriter Amy Winehouse. It was released by Island Records on 30 April 2007 as the third single from Winehouse’s second and final studio album of the same name.

What does back in black mean?

Re: Back in black meaning ‘In the black’ is an idiom. But I don’t know enough Amy Winehouse ‘s lyrics to know whether it might appy. It’s possible, as some people do use the language of finance to speak about sexual fortunes – so ‘back in the black’ might mean ‘back in a partnership where I receive more than I give’.

What is back to black?

“Back to Black” is a song by English singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse from her second studio album, Back to Black (2006). Written by Winehouse and Mark Ronson and produced by Ronson, according to the Back to Black Songfacts, the song is about Winehouse’s break up with then boyfriend Blake Fielder-Civil.