Can you convert a propane range to natural gas?

Can you convert a propane range to natural gas?

Technically, there is not a kit for natural gas conversion. A kit was used to convert the range to Propane. Those steps will need to be reversed to convert the range back to natural gas. NOTE: The conversion of this range from Propane back to natural gas should be completed by a qualified installer.

Does GE gas ranges come with LP conversion kit?

All of our gas cooking appliances come ready to be connected to natural gas and also come with an LP conversion kit to connect to LP (Liquid Propane). The conversion instructions are located in the wiring diagram (mini-manual) and are included with the LP kit attached to the appliance near the pressure regulator.

Which orifice is larger propane or natural gas?

Natural gas is a much lower pressure gas than propane and converting the appliance to one or the other gases requires that the differing pressure is compensated for. The reason for this is because natural gas orifices are larger than propane orifices strictly because of gas service pressure.

What size orifice is needed for natural gas?

Natural gas pilot orifice sizes typically vary from approximately 0.014 to 0.026 (inches diameter). Examples include 0.026′′ for a commercial cook- ing appliance pilot (1,835 Btu/hr at 4′′ pressure), and 0.018′′ for a natural gas water heater pilot (879 Btu/hr at 4′′ pressure).

How do you change a natural gas orifice to propane?

How To Convert Appliances From Natural Gas To Propane

  1. Turn off the gas to the appliance.
  2. Disconnect the appliance from the natural gas line.
  3. Remove the natural gas burners.
  4. Screw the new burner orifices (designed for propane) onto the burner valves.
  5. Connect the appliance to the propane line.
  6. Adjust the burner settings.

What is LP conversion?

An LP (liquid propane) gas conversion kit is a set of adaptors that allows natural gas appliances to work with propane gas lines. Also, if you’re converting a stove, make sure that you convert the stovetop and the oven range before hooking it back up to your gas line.

Can I drill out a propane orifice natural gas?

Converting from LP to natural gas safely and correctly involves more than might be apparent to the typical DIYer. Frankly, it’s folly to drill out orifices. If you can get the correct orifice, don’t do it.

Which orifice is bigger propane or natural gas?